Our specialty is providing professional consulting and services to the manufacturers that create scrap metal in their production process. We offer extensive expertise in safe and efficient scrap handling, material separation, collection equipment and systems.

  • We analyze your operation and scrap metal material generated and design a program and system around your needs, service requirements and schedule.
  • We will propose separation techniques and options for your consideration to help you maximize the net value of the recovery from your scrap.
  • We will customize a valuation method to price your materials and return to you an accurate settlement for your metal scrap.
  • Doing business with Kronick Industries will result in a trusting and valued relationship that lets you concentrate on you core business, whether it be manufacturing, fabricating, printing, stamping, machining or foundry casting business.

We understand scrap and possess the experience necessary to value and merchandise scrap metal.  Our staff is committed to the growth and success of our company, as well as that of our clients’.  We will find the best possible markets for your material allowing us to pay the most competitive prices for your metal.

Our service solutions can include:

  • Audit and Assessment
  • Training and Education
  • Specialized Collection or Containers
  • Equipment and Transportation
  • Collection Tanks/Tubs, Hoppers & Boxes
  • Trailers
  • Direct to market Brokerage
  • Services customized to your needs
  • Surplus and obsolete inventory recovery